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What’s New in OMEGA 2.5
Multimedia Overview

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OMEGA 2.5 provides the precision and
control you need to transform your works
in progress into works of art.

Gerber OMEGA 2.5 is the latest OMEGA
release. Users can upgrade from previous
versions or buy new seats to design and
drive new output devices.

Introduction Video

Gerber OMEGA 2.5.0

Clipping Paths

Clipping Paths

Clipping paths limit the display of specified
objects by drawing only the parts of the objects
that fall within the path and not the parts that
fall outside the path.

When clipping objects, you can select a single object or multiple objects that are grouped
together to act as a single clipped path.

Clipping Paths Video

Embedded Images

Images used by .PLT files can be embedded
instead of linking to a separate file.

Once you embed an image in an OMEGA file,
the original image file does not have to be in
a separate file for rendering to occur.

Embedding Images Video

Embedded Images

Improved Import Filters

Improved Postscript and PDF Filters

OMEGA 2.5 has new file conversion filters that
allow for the import of these file types:

Adobe Illustrator (7.0 - 10.0, CS and CS2)
Adobe Postscript  (Level 2 and 3, EPS, PS)
Adobe Acrobat PDF (File versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)
(Acrobat versions up to version 6)

Files can be converted as images or vectors.
Layers and clipping paths from the original file
are maintained in OMEGA 2.5. Design in Adobe
Illustrator® and CorelDraw® using Gerber-provided
vinyl and spot color palettes.


Dimensioning Tools allow you to measure
objects, distances, and angles and post
these measurements in the job.

Perfect customer proofs and layout
instructions by generating on-screen
measurements and annotations.

Creating Dimensions Video
Outputting Dimensions Video


Vinyl Only Design

Designing With Vinyl Only

The same vinyl color can be in front or in
back of other objects. The same vinyl color
can reside on different layers, offering the
ultimate in stacking flexibility.

Vinyl only objects of the same color
must be combined to knock out centers.

Layering Vinyl Video
Combining Vinyl Video

Viewing the Design

New view options have been added to the
View Menu in both Filled and Wireframe mode.

Filled mode displays the job with
the vinyl and fill colors visible.

Filled View Video

Wireframe mode displays the outlines
of the colors used in one of four modes.

Wireframe View Video

Filled and Wireframe View

Spool File Viewer

Spool File Viewer

A new Spool Viewer program has been
added to the OMEGA 2.5 program suite.
Use the Spool Viewer to see the print
data for each foil color used in a job.

Spool Viewer Video

Designing with Layers

Working with layers is like drawing on
transparent sheets. If you understand
stacking order you’ll know how to use layers.

LAYERS offers you more control when
designing and helps you better organize all
the objects of a complex job by dividing
it into more manageable parts.

Use the LAYER MANAGER to make
traditional designing even easier.
The LAYER TREE shows all the
layers and objects in your job.

Layer Manager Video

You can put an image on one layer, logos on
the second layer, and text on a third layer.

Creating Layers Video

Design or production NOTES can be added to
each layer at the bottom of the Layer Manager.
These notes are only visible in Composer and
will not be printed on the final output.

Adding Notes Video

The EDIT ALL BUTTON allows you to edit all
the objects in a project regardless of which layer
they are on. This makes it easier to select objects,
cut and paste, and change the stacking order.

Edit All Button Video

Later Manager

HIDING layers allows you to remove objects
on a specific layer from the current view.
Hide Layers

Hiding Layers Video

LOCKING layers allows you to prevent
editing to any objects on a specific layer.
This protects against unintentional changes.
Lock Layers

Locking Layers Video

DUPLICATING layers allows you to make an exact
copy of every object on a specific layer. This is
ideal for experimenting with different variations
of the same job without creating different files.

Duplicating Layers Video

Duplicate Layers

Layers Default Settings

Layers are OPTIONAL in OMEGA 2.5. The default settings allow you to design without layers just
like in previous versions of OMEGA. You can choose not to use layers at all if you don’t want to.

Legacy .PLT files and other file types import and open flattened onto the current layer. The Edit All
button is ON by default so you can edit all objects at once even if they are not on the same layer
and Output by Layers is OFF so jobs have a single print order (not layered) for the entire job.

New OPEN and IMPORT options

OPENING files offers 2 layers choices.
Keep the current layers in the file or flatten
the current layers into one layer. Layers are
ALWAYS maintained when opening .PLT files.

Opening Files Video

IMPORTING files offers 3 layers choices.
Keep the current layers in the file, flatten the
incoming layers and add them to the current
layer, or flatten the incoming layers and add
them to a new layer. (File name = layer name)

Importing Files Video

New Open and Import options

New Arrange Menu

New Arrange Menu options

IN FRONT OF - allows the user to put the selected
object(s) if front of another target object.

IN BACK OF - allows the user to put the selected object(s) if back of another target object. Target
can be on the design screen or in the layer tree.

New Arrange Menu Video

Output By Layer command

The new Output By Layer command in
the Composer File menu allows the user to
select or deselect layers and vinyl colors for
output to GSPPlot.

Choose which layers to output, which vinyl
to output, and use “Output as Separations”
for Vinyl Separations.

Print Order and Layers

Change the print order of your job in both
Composer and GSPPlot. Have a single overall
print order for the entire job or print each layer
individually, each with its own print order using
the Output by Layer option.

In COMPOSER use the Print Order
dialog box to design an order, then check the
"Use Composer Print Order" option in GSPPlot.

Print Order Video

In GSPPlot use the Print Options dialogue
box to change the print order with the option
of using order set in Composer.

Print Options Video

Select Colors option

The new Select Color dialogue box in GSPPlot 
allows the user to select or deselect layers, vinyl,
and foil colors for easier and more accurate output.

Select Color also gives the user the option to
Output by layers, Rewind between layers,
Exclude layers, and/or Merge layers.

Select Colors Video

Output By Layer
Select Colors

Single Layer Output

Single Layer Output

Design and output as a single layer just like
previous versions of OMEGA. Design on multiple
layers but output as a single layer for all the design
advantages of layers with traditional OMEGA output.

Single Layer Output Video

Composer “Output All” and “Output Selected”
always send jobs to GSPPlot as a single layer
even if designed with multiple layers.

Multi to Single Layer Output Video

Multiple Layer Output

Design with multiple layers and output each
layer as its own individual print job. Each with
its own targets, print order, and vinyl cuts.

Multiple Layer Output Video

The Rewind Between Layers option gives you
the option of printing each layer separately
or in relation to one another.

Rewind Between Layers Video

Multi Layer Output
Rewind Between Layers

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