Monday, November 30, 2015

EDGE FX Firmware Update


May 13, 2014  (1 MB)
This GERBER EDGE FX firmware adds several new user interface features to make production faster and easier. Consult the readme for complete descriptions of features in this firmware. All previous features, including EDGE FX HiRez mode, and all features from N0_Build_8 are also included in this version. This firmware update also loads the version 293 firefile onto the EDGE FX. Load the June 11, 2013 Material Update to add the 293 firefile to Gerber Omega.

Please consult the README before installing this firmware update. Contact GerberService if you have any questions or concerns about loading this firmware.

README files

EDGE FX 293 .SRE Firefile June 11, 2012  (350 kb)
This EDGE FX SRE firefile loads onto the GERBER EDGE FX and adds Silver Medal II, Fireball Red and Electric Green Foils, Shiny Gold and Shiny Silver materials, improved 280i 300 dpi settings, and improved Arctic White on5 mil LexEDGE settings. All previous EDGE FX firefile settings are included in this 1 update.

The above Material Update must also be loaded onto OMEGA.

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EDGE FX Firmware Update

Rev-N (HiRez with OMEGA 4.0)

February 24, 2011  (1.3 MB)
This firmware update reduces the EDGE FX Syntax Error when printing from OMEGA systems running Windows 7. A new setting has been added to the firmware to compensate for thick material. It also allows for the use of HiRez mode with OMEGA 4.0. This firmware will not negatively affect the RFID firmware when loading. Can be used with pre-OMEGA 4.0 software as it also includes the Spectratint, Spectrashade and Abrasion Guard materials and firefiles. Consult the README before installing this version.

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Plotter Firmware

enVision Firmware Update


WARNING: Please make sure you are downloading the correct updates to the correct plotter. Incorrect downloads will cause system failures!  (309 kb)
This file contains the latest firmware (Rev H) for the enVision series plotters. Requires enVision firmware at version E or higher.