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Sample Kit

To thank our EDGE owners for your “Industrial-Strength Relationships,” we are pleased to present you with a special, limited edition printed sample kit.

Gerber/3M 30 Year Anniversary Color Card

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Gerber 220 High Performance Cast Vinyl
24 & 48 inch Color Card

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Sharpen Your EDGE

          DATES              LOCATIONS

March 18 - 21
St. Louis, MO
April 14 - 17
Chicago, IL
May 6 - 9
Buffalo, NY
May 20 - 23
Salt Lake City, UT
June 10 - 13
Indianapolis, IN
June 24 - 27
Seattle, WA
September 9 - 12  
Minneapolis, MN
September 23 – 26
White Plains, NY
October 7 – 10
Charlotte, NC
November 4 –7
Lafayette, LA
November 18 – 21
Long Beach, CA
December 9 – 12
Denver, CO

One-on-One EDGE Applications Training

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Gerber EDGE Tune-Up

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Gerber Spectratone™

Create thousands of colors by overlaying Gerber foils or vinyls.