Thursday, December 13, 2018


Gerber Technology is the world leader in the development and manufacture of computerized sign making and specialty graphics systems, software, materials, and accessories. Proven start-to-finish digital design, printing, and production products are carefully integrated to provide sign shops and graphics professionals with comprehensive engineered solutions for durable vinyl-cutting, digital color printing and dimensional signage needs. Gerber also develops and supplies quality state-of-the-art aftermarket materials to maximize equipment performance and output. Gerber is headquartered in Tolland, Connecticut.


Gerber Technology's sign and graphics division (formerly known as Gerber Scientific Products) was founded in January 1980 as a division of Gerber Scientific, Inc. The company was chartered to expand the corporations’ product offerings by entering new markets. Much of the company’s early work involved research and development of OEM products to be marketed by other companies. In early 1981, the concept of an automated lettering system was born at Gerber. After nearly two years of extensive market research and engineering R&D, concept became reality and the Signmaker III was publicly introduced to the market November 1982. Since then, Gerber has carefully studied our customers’ needs and combined our creative minds, innovative engineering, and outstanding workmanship to develop and produce a complete range of products for the sign, graphics, and screenprint industries. In retrospect, the Signmaker III started a revolution in the way the world creates signs and other related visual media today.

Gerber Product Overview

Matched Technology System™

Gerber Technology not only provides hardware to create signs and graphics, but a complete solution of hardware, software, materials, testing, service and support, to help customers maximize the usage of time and other critical resources. We call this the Gerber Matched Technology System.

Each element of the Matched Technology System is completely compatible, fully integrated, and thoroughly tested for performance, pigment, accuracy, bonding, and durability. With Gerber products, there are no surprises, just cost-effective, top-quality results.

The GERBER EDGE® FX Digital Printing System is a perfect example of Gerber’s Matched Technlogy System. All the elements of the GERBER EDGE FX Digital Printing System – the GERBER EDGE FX itself, OMEGA CP software, Gerber plotters, routers, GerberColor foils and Edge Ready materials – work together to take all the guesswork out of digital color printing and to produce top-quality, cost effective results.

Digital Imaging

The GERBER EDGE FX is a revolutionary graphics output device that permanently fuse high-resolution images to 15" (381mm) precision punched, EDGE READY™ vinyls and films. Through the use of the GERBER EDGE FX, OMEGA™ CP software and an EDGE compatible plotter, multiple-color jobs, halftones, airbrush-effects, fades and intricate text become as simple as printing the complex portions and contour cutting around the outside edge.

Cutting & Finishing

The Gerber M Series of flatbed cutters is a powerful and versatile solution for automatic print-to-cut finishing of a wide spectrum of graphic outputs. From routing inkjet-printed corrugated plastic, to kiss-cutting vinyl decals, to contour cutting and creasing of digital offset POP graphics, the Gerber M Series can handle all your finishing needs accurately and 100% digitally, expanding your capabilities while maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your operations. The Gerber M Series is a perfect complement to a Solara ion printer, which prints directly onto rigid and flexible substrates

Vinyl Cutting Plotters

Gerber offers a wide array of plotters to fit the signmaker’s every need. You can select from your choice of sprocket-feed and friction-feed plotters. Gerber plotters offer a range of media-width flexibility, tracking technologies, and print-to-cut capabilities. Spocket-feed plotters include the Gerber enVision™ 375 and 750, GS15™, GSx™ and GS750™. Friction feed plotters include the Gerber P2C™-series with OPUS automatic print-target location and cut-path technology (not available on all P2C versions).


Gerber offers a complete line of router systems and supplies to fit a wide range of applications. The product line consists of the Dimension 200®, Sabre™ 404 and 408, and several exciting options for each of the plotters.


Gerber OMEGA™ design and production software is the latest software available from Gerber. OMEGA offers you the best way to take design ideas through to high-quality output using cut-vinyl or digital imaging. OMEGA is available in three different configurations to suit your particular needs. OMEGA CS provides basic and advanced tools for vinyl cutting. OMEGA CP has all of the OMEGA CS features, plus digital imaging design tools and the ability to drive Gerber's EDGE FX and other thermal printers.


Take advantage of the full power of the Matched Technology System with Gerber equipment and materials. Or, count on Gerber's material selection to include formats that will provide superior results with your specific brand of equipment. Gerber offers a complete line of pressure sensitive vinyls in a wide array of colors, widths and formats in addition to a full offering of EDGE READY™ materials which have been specifically formulated for use with the current and previous GERBER EDGE-series thermal transfer printers and EDGE 2. Gerber also offers GerberColor™ thermal transfer foils designed for the GERBER EDGE-series of products. Customers can choose from six distinct foil series – each carefully engineered to work in conjunction with the outstanding performance of the GERBE EDGE and Omega software.