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Gerber University:
Gerber University a learning management portal designed for individuals interested in increasing their proficiency with Gerber’s software and hardware products.

Customer OMEGA Webinars:
Sign up today for a FREE OMEGA 1-hour webinar. These webinars will provide an overview of the great new features of OMEGA, and offer an opportunity for live questions and answers. 

Registration is required to attend these OMEGA webinars.  Click on the Topic link below to register for the upcoming live webinar or to watch a past webinar recording. A follow-up email will provide the actual link to attend the webinar, as well as audio details.

Webinar Date Time Topic (Click to Register for Current or View Previous)
June 22, 2017 n/a
OMEGA Advanced Topics and Time Savers (video)
PDF of Powerpoint
April 6, 2017 n/a Monuments Presentation (summary PDF)
Monuments Features Summary (PDF)
 March 9, 2017 n/a  What's New in OMEGA 6.5 


Feature Highlights (PDF Files)


Learning Guides

 OMEGA Upgrade Comparisons  OMEGA Learning Guide
 What's New in OMEGA 6.5  OMEGA Learning Guide (Solutions)
 What's New in OMEGA 6.0
 OMEGA VIDEO Learning Guide Videos (YouTube)
 What's New in OMEGA 5.0
 OMEGA VIDEO Learning Guide ZIP: PDF and Related Videos (1 GB)
 What's New in OMEGA 4.0
 OMEGA Learning Guide PDF: Step by Step Tutorial
 What's New in OMEGA 3.0

 What's New in OMEGA 2.6
 What's New in OMEGA 2.5.1
 What's New in OMEGA 2.5  

OMEGA Presentations and Files


OMEGA Sample Jobs

 Monument Webinar  Users Group Gerber Materials Display OMEGA 4.0 - ZIP
 What's New in OMEGA 6.5 Webinar  Users Group Gerber Materials Display OMEGA 5.0 - ZIP
 What's New in OMEGA 6.0 Webinar  
 OMEGA 6.0 Webinar  
 What's New in OMEGA Video Summaries (2.5 through 5.0)    
 OMEGA Tips and Tricks Part 2 Webinar  
 OMEGA Tips and Tricks Part 1 Webinar  
 Text, Warp, Outline, Shadow Template - ZIP
 Monumental Improvements in OMEGA 5.0 - PDF   
 Monumental Improvements in OMEGA 5.0 - PDF   
 Barcodes in OMEGA 4.0  
 Easier 4.0 Backcut Decals using Weedborder  
 Easier 4.0 Backcut Decals with Custom Backcut Shapes  
 OMEGA 3.0 Glowing Text Template - ZIP
OMEGA 3 Backcut Decal – PDF
OMEGA 3.0 Overview Webinar - HTML  
 What's New in OMEGA 3.0 – PDF  
 Reverse Printing/Backing White – PDF and PLT files
 Roadshow Excerpt: LexEdge Production
 Autotext and Autonumber Webinar Recording  
 2015 OSHA Standard Compliance Decals - PLT   
Composer "Tools" Webinar


Tips & Tricks

How to Match or Compare Colors in OMEGA
ColorID compares colors from any 2 palettes in OMEGA. Run ColorID from the OMEGA program group, choose a source palette and color, then choose a target (matching) palette. ColorID shows the 10 best matches and also a “Delta e” number. The closer the delta e is to 0, the better the match.
Access more fonts when loading OMEGA
OMEGA comes with a Font and Library CD. Insert the CD, and Font Manager will run automatically. The color coded list on the right shows fonts on the CD available for installation or purchase. The list on the left shows fonts that are already installed.
Learn more about OMEGA from OMEGA
Press the F1 key to access interactive help where you can use the table of contents or search for a topic, or press Shift+F1, then click on any tool or menu item to get information about that function. 
Popular Accelerator Keys to Save Time
Accelerator keys are keyboard shortcuts that are a quicker alternative to using the mouse for many popular functions in OMEGA. There are dozens of keyboard shortcut keys available in OMEGA. More...
OMEGA slows when printing to the EDGE 2
If you are using a USB security key, you need to configure your Rainbow or Sentinel Driver so it doesn't use the LPT (parallel) port. If you are using a parallel key, be sure you are not running your EDGE through the key. More...

Easily select parts of a group or combine
When you are selecting objects, hold down the CTRL key. This will allow you to select individual parts of Groups or Combines.

Print a list of your installed Gerber fonts
You can view and print fonts installed with OMEGA using FontView. The entire font list or custom-built lists can be viewed and printed from FontView or through GSPTray > Gerber Installed Fonts. More...
Reflective Material and Software Tips
Learn how reflective can help your graphics stand out plus software tips and tricks on using reflective. More...
Let OMEGA automatically choose an optimum halftone dot for output
One of the most common questions we get about running a GERBER EDGE is "which halftone is best to use for different types of output." Omega 4.0 and later GSPPlot answers that question automatically with a couple clicks of the mouse. More...

Fast Facts

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OMEGA™ serial number and system ID number
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USB-to-Parallel option for the EDGE and EDGE 2
Installation Errors with OMEGA™ 3.0
Outputting to the EDGE/EDGE2 on Windows 8 or 10 systems
Compatible Operating Systems for OMEGA 2.5 to 5.0
Monument Design Vendors

Legacy Software & Equipment

Compatible Operating Systems for OMEGA™ 2.0 and higher
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Reverse GERBER EDGE Printing
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Changing the ACPI HAL to STD PC in Win 2000 and Win XP
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Blue Screen on Windows XP When Installing USB Blocks
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HPGL Plotter Installation
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