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Tips & Tricks

Guide to Cutting Aluminum
Aluminum is an attractive and durable material for interior and exterior signage. With some extra attention given up front, aluminum will cut very nicely on your Gerber Routing System. More...

Creating a Double-Sided Circle or Oval sign
Use this step-by-step procedure to create and rout a complete two-sided circular sign using Gerber OMEGA and ARTPath. More...

Guide to Cutting Brass
Brass is an attractive and durable material for interior and exterior signage. With some extra attention given up front, brass will cut very nicely on your Gerber Routing System. More...
Auto-Carve Sample Jobs
These exercises take you through 7sample jobs, each demonstrating a specific Auto-Carve feature. The sample job files are placed in the JOBS directory when you load the Auto-Carve option. More...
Collet and Bit Maintenance
The two most important components of your Gerber routing system are the bit that you use and the collet that holds it. Here are a few tips for keeping your bits and collets working at peak performance. More...
Electric Spindle Care and Maintenance
If your router spindle is neglected, the results of your finished product may become less than favorable. Here are some tips for keeping your electric spindle working at peak performance. More... 
Installing a 1/8 inch Router Bit and Sleeve
The 1/8" (3mm) sleeve is used to hold bits with a 1/8" (3mm) shank in a 1/4" (6mm) collet. Use this diagram as a quick and easy reference. More...

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General Information


Gerber Dimension 200

1011 Auto-Carve Sample Jobs 2024 Replacing Sacrificial Table Surface
5005 Re-Programming Procedure for Commander SE Spindle Controller 5007 D-200 T-Vac Option
5010 General Router FAQ 5009 Pre-Installation Checklist for the D200
5011 Mixing Ratios for Mist Coolant 5021 D200 CDS / VISION-1 Spindle Controller
5013 Using a 1/8" (3mm) Router Bit and Sleeve 5037 D200 X Axis Leadscrew Assembly Replacement Guide
5014 Tips for Routing a Two-sided Sign 5038 Installation Guide for D200 Y Axis Leadscrew Assembly
5019 Collet and Bit Maintenance 5039 D200 Z Axis Carriage Replacement Guide
5027 Configuring the FAX-11 board to work with your Router    
5028 Configuring the FAX-13 board to work with your Router  

Gerber Sabre

5029 Gerber Cool Material Safety Data Sheet 2013 Sabre X-Axis Lead Screw Replacement Procedure
5030 Trim Mist Material Safety Data Sheet 2014 Sabre 404 Y Axis Lead Screw Replacement Procedure
5031 Using the Swivel Knife Assembly with ARTPath Controlled Routers 2015 Sabre Y Encoder Pulse Adjustment
5040 Guide to Cutting Brass 2016 Sabre Z Encoder Pulse Adjustment
5044 Electric Spindle Care and Maintenance 2018 Sabre 408 Y-Axis Lead Screw Replacement Procedure
5047 Error Code Listing for ARCstations 2041 Sabre 408 Router Y-Axis Encoder calibration
5049 Guide to Cutting Aluminum 2042 Sabre 404 and 408 Router X-Axis Encoder calibration
    5002 Gerber Sabre 404 & 408 Installation Instructions

Gerber AR60

5003 Sabre Series Router Pre-Installation Checklist
2017 AR600 Belt Adjustment Procedures 5020 Sabre T-Vac Option
5004 AR600 T-Vac Option 5022 Sabre 7Hp-230V-3Ph SerCom Spindle
5006 AR600 High Freq. Spindle 5024 Sabre 7Hp-380-460V-3Ph SerCom Spindle
5008 AR600 Pre-Installation Checklist 5034 Sabre ATC 10Hp-230V-3Ph SerCom Spindle
5023 AR600 (GP5) 230V Dial Operated Spindle Controller Programming Guide 5035 Sabre ATC 10Hp-380-460V-3Ph SerCom Spindle
5025 AR600 7Hp-280-460V-3Ph Dial Operated 5036 Sabre - Replacing Sacrificial Table Surface
    5041 Z Init Procedure for the Sabre Router
    5042 Replacement of Bearings in a Bearing Pillow Block on a Sabre or a Profile
    5043 Replacement of the Upper X-Axis Linear Bearings on a Sabre or a Profile
    5048 Sabre Z-Axis Lead Screw Replacement Procedure